Cat Years to Human Years Calculator

You can convert your cat’s age in human years with cat age calculator, select Cat or Human Years, enter the age value and press Calculate button to get the result of equivalent cat age in human years or vice versa.

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Cat Age to Human Years Chart

Cat Size Life Stage Cat’s Age Human Equivalent
Kitten - Cat Age Kitten 0 – 6 months 0 – 10 years
Junior - Cat Age Junior 7 months to 2 years 12 to 24 years
Prime - Cat Age Prime 3 to 6 years 28 to 40 years
Mature - Cat Age Mature 7 to 10 years 44 to 56 years
Senior - Cat Age Senior 11 to 14 years 60 to 72 years
Geriatric - Cat Age Geriatric 15 years plus 76 to 100+ years

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