HTML Anchor Link Code

Anchor link code, jump link HTML code: Link to anchor on same page, Link anchor on another page.

Link to anchor on same page

Create link using this code below:

<a href="#anchor">Example Anchor Link</a>
Example Anchor Link

Create Heading text with this code below:

<h4><a id="anchor"></a>Example headline</h4>

Link Example Anchor Link above will jump to Example Headline below in this page.

Example headline

This is example of content on your page…

Link to anchor on another page

For jump link to another page, we will using example jump to converter section on

Create link to another page using this code below:

<a href="">Online Conversion Tool</a>
Online Conversion Tool

Create or insert the code below into the header or HTML page section:

<h2><a id="converter"></a>Your Website Page</h2>

Offsetting (CSS) HTML anchor to adjust fixed header

Insert css code below and set Top: ..px according your header.

a.anchor {
    display: block;
    position: relative;
    top: -250px;
    visibility: hidden;
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