How to create Gmail Account?

Gmail account is required for android mobile devices, especially new users to be able to use the Play Store application, Google Maps, Youtube, etc. Android users must log in or sign in using a Google account. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up your Google account for Gmail via desktop or website and Android mobile phone.

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Basic Information to Create Gmail Account

To create new gmail address, you needed to create a Google account first, Gmail will direct you to the Google account sign up page, you must provide information such as your first name, last name, username or gmail address, date of birth, gender. Follow the steps below

Steps to Create an Account in Desktop

1 Open Web Browser and Go to

2 Click button Clicking Create Gmail Account - Desktop version

3 Follow the directions at the sign up form by Entering your information, after everything is filled correctly click Next button.
Fiiling up the sign-up page - Desktop version

4 To verify your account, you must entering your phone number. This is two-step verification process for your security, Google will send text message with a 6-digit verification code.
Verify Phone Number - Desktop version

5 Next, to complete the account verification, check your text message from Google and enter the verification code.
Enter Verification code - Desktop version

6 If you want to activate this feature, press the Yes button, or skip to go to the next page.
More services Google Account - Desktop version

7 Read and Review Google’s Terms of Service, then click button I agree.
Review Google Privacy and Terms - Desktop version

8 Congratulations, now you have a new Gmail account.
New Gmail Account - Desktop version

Tips: it’s important to have a strong password, because it’s difficult for someone else to guess, try using a password generator instead.
Here’s an example of a generated password: #XbKHdAv

Steps to Create an Account on Your Android phone

1 Open settings Settings.

2 Scroll down and tap on Accounts.

3 Tap add_circle_outline Add account.

4 Tap Google.

5 Tap Create account.
Tap Create Account at bottom left screen - Android

6 Type in Your First Name and Last Name.
Filling up First and Last Name - Android

7 Enter Birthdate and select Gender.
Filling up Birthday and Gender - Android

8 Type in Username as your Gmail address. If your desired username is taken, you can choose given suggestions or adding more numbers or texts.
Enter your New Gmail Address - Android

9 Type in and re-type your password for your Gmail account.
Create and Enter Your Password - Android

10 Read and Review Google Privacy and Terms.
Read Google Privacy and Terms - Android

11 Scroll down and Tap I agree button.
Tap I agree button - Android

12 Tap Next button to Finish the setup page.
Tap Next Button - Android

Congratulations, now you have a new Gmail account

13 Open Your Gmail App to check your gmail account.
Your new Gmail account - Android

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