How to Transpose in Excel

In this how to tutorial, we will share the quick guide to convert your data table in excel, from horizontal into vertical table, below are step-by-step using Transpose in Paste Special Feature Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

From horizontal list data into vertical list like in cm to inches table conversion.
excel table needs to swap into vertical list table

Transpose [Convert Horizontal to Vertical Table] in Excel

1 Open your excel spreadsheet table and select the table and Copy the table.
(shortcut: right click >> Copy or ctrl + C).

2 You can Paste in other worksheet (example in cell A1), Right click and select Paste Special…

3 Select Transpose check box in Paste Special and click OK button.

4 Once you Transpose the list will convert into vertical or horizontal, in this example the table list convert into vertical list data. Would you like to receive notifications on latest updates? No Yes