Create Your Own Avatar Cartoon Face

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How To Create Avatar:

1 Select Male or Female Avatar

2 Choose your avatar face, mouth, nose and ears in the Face Tab

3 Choose your avatar eye, iris, eyebrows and glasses in the Eyes Tab

4 Choose your avatar hairs, (male avatar mustache and beard) in the Hair Tab

5 choose Choose your avatar clothes

6 You can also add a background if you like

How to Download My Avatar?

Just click the Download button and select png – 400×400 for large image sizes, png-200×200 for small sizes or SVG vector format (Desktop Only) for Advanced users who want to open the file with vector image applications such as CorelDraw etc.

Boring? Try the Random button and get random avatars, sometimes getting funny and cool avatars ;P

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577 thoughts on “Avatar Maker”


  2. A good one to use, it would be nice if we can have a whole body one, love the creation, and very easy to use

  3. This is a very nice app or extension and allows me to customize the cutest avatars!!!

  4. hiiii who are you guys did anyone have tiktok plz give e your tiktok name i want to see y’all

  5. 너희들 나는 결장 출신이고 너희들이 내 이름이 무엇인지 알아줬으면 좋겠어 나는 말할 수 없다 내 이름은 내 이름이 정말 어렵다 나는 애니메이션 소녀들이다

  6. so when you start you see a girl or boy pic one of them and you will do makeup for them !!!

  7. so now you are play this game and you can tell us how is the game for you do you like it or not ???

  8. salut, je suis mckenzie. Je ne suis pas de France mais j’apprends le français à l’école. en ce qui concerne le site Web, tout va bien, je suppose. J’espère que c’est clair pour tous ceux qui parlent français. Merci pour la lecture.

  9. Can u guys add a button where the avatar we make automatically saves?
    It would make it a lot better and easier because I usually lose everything I make

  10. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    It’s really good and I would recommend it for anyone that just wants to have a fun play around with faces and people,
    making that perfect boy and girl

    I can also make almost exact replicas of my friends and I,
    It’s so fun!!!

  11. I love it!
    I can make the perfect boy with just a few clicks of a button.

    Avatar maker is really good and fun.


  13. i like this but pls can u show the body hands and feet and make short pants and other thing plz and this app is also so good

  14. Its good but it dose not have my hair type i rate it four star four beacuse it dose not have my hair

  15. It’s pretty good, you should add a more realistic update tho, but other then that it’s good

  16. Nice avatar maker and easy to use. However, it’s useless because I was unable to save it.

  17. can’t get it to upload or download. Can’t save it! but was able to create it. Don’t know if I have to pay for this or anything else! Aggerating as all hell!

  18. I’m 72 my hair is silvery white ,the blonde just don’t cut it……….eyes were hardest need more lashes on the females…..
    Thank You for your time

  19. kako to preuzeti, spremiti ili prebaciti na svoj profil….ovako samo trositi vrijeme uzalud….cemu ovo uopce sluzi…

  20. mon avatar est prêt, mais ça ne le télécharge pas, toujours réessayer pfffffffffff, ça fonctionne pas 🙁

  21. My Avatar won’t load up! Its not even taking my password, or of the email address for some Blasted reason..! I spent poxy ages creating my Avatar.

  22. I can not get this avatar to work at all. It won’t take my email and password

  23. I hit the three bars on bottom right, scrolled to See more, I then hit the arrow down, I do not see Avatars anywhere?? This on my iPad.

  24. I’m having trouble with uploading, I tried putting in email and password, it keeps saying incorrect.
    What is wrong with it

  25. I got this message when I tried to share it. App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

  26. Can’t save it. On my laptop and there is nothing that says save or anything.

  27. Could not find how to change eye color much. I have brownish eyes. Will this send it to my email?

  28. almost like my hair but in between the short whimsy with some on neck line. . but way fun

  29. This was kinda neat…would have been nice to pick different smiles/facial expressions.

  30. A good one to use , it would be nice if we can have a whole body one, love the creation and very easy to use

  31. WOW, so fun. I do love another app, called zmoji; it’s very cute too, you can create personal avatar and emojis.

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